Conference topics

Solid, fluid, structural and interface mechanics:

  • adaptive, functional, smart materials and nanomaterials
  • mechanics of composite, multiphase and porous materials
  • interphase and contact mechanics
  • dynamics of multibody and multiflows systems
  • evolution of microstructure: turbulence, rheology, plasticity, creep and damage
  • mechanics of phase-change undergoing continua
  • mechanics of plates, shells and multipolar continua
  • nonstationary response of fluid and solid bodies under extreme actions
  • nonlinear dynamics, chaos
  • experimental mechanics

Computational approaches in mechanics:

  • artificial intelligence methods
  • computational intelligence
  • sensitivity and reliability analysis
  • inverse problems and optimization
  • advanced discretization methods
  • numerical analysis of initial and boundary value problems
  • parallel computing
  • soft computing

Interdisciplinary issues in mechanics:

  • fluid-structure interaction
  • biomechanics
  • coupled-field problems, energy harvesting
  • mechatronics, MEMS, NEMS
  • deformation and flow control
  • multiscale problems and nanomechanics